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How Automated Enclosure Modification and Wire Processing Save Time and Reduce Costs

Optimizing production programs in today’s manufacturing landscape depends largely on custom industrial panels and enclosures, climate control, and busbar power systems. The ability to source precise enclosure milling and cutting, drilling, and wire processing without delay or downtime is a significant challenge for manufacturers due to supply chain instability, labor and resource shortages, cost increases, and time-intensive manual tasks that can result in long lead times.

What further complicates panel and enclosure modification is design and engineering programs that can’t provide detailed insight into each step of the modification process.

Rittal Automation Systems (RAS) offers automated enclosure modification and wire processing state-of-the-art machines and tools to reduce costs, virtually eliminate errors, and remove manual interventions from the equation. In collaboration with our sister company EPLAN’s CAE (computer-aided engineering) design suite provides ultimate insight into the design process from procurement of component parts to digital twins, and RAS modification equipment like our laser cutting machines, milling machines, wire cutting machines, and more perform custom panel and enclosure modifications for any industrial application. When you utilize the optional EPLAN CAE software you will streamline the entire process with your Rittal Automation Systems equipment and provide visibility and transparency to each step of the process.

Automating enclosure modification and wire processing is key to reducing errors from manual modifications and optimizing each stage of the modification process, including machining, wire crimping, wire assembly, and more. Rittal Automation Systems (RAS) provides a state-of-the-art suite of modification machines and tools to enhance your entire panel building and control manufacturing process.

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How to Achieve Flexibility in Panel and Enclosure Modification and Wire Processing 

The RAS suite helps automation architects like machine builders, panel builders, and systems integrators achieve enhanced flexibility with panel and enclosure modification and more swiftly navigate the uncertainties of the modern industrial marketplace.

The RAS solution suite includes cutting-edge steel, stainless steel, and aluminum industrial enclosure modification equipment and tools like:  

  • The Perforex MT milling terminal accelerates throughput time with fully automated, fast, precise and reliable machining (drilling, thread-tapping, and milling) of everything from the smallest housings and flat panels to large enclosures.  The MT can handle all machinable materials including painted sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic.
  • The Perforex LC laser center offers contactless, low-vibration 3D laser for highly-customizable machining of enclosures in stainless steel, sheet steel, and powder-coated metals – with no damage to the cut edges of stainless steel. Machining of painted metal panels with intricate contours and mounting plates with tapped holes can be achieved without any visible damage to the painted surface. The LC is a powerful and easy-to-use laser machine that, when combined with EPLAN’s powerful design software, provides unparalleled insight and visibility into each step of the machining process.

The RAS suite also includes a variety of wire cutting machines, wire assembly machines, and wire processing machines for superior speed and precision. The fully automated Wire Terminal WT C offers rapid, accurate wire processing of up to 36 different wires with cross-sections ranging from 0.5 mm² to 6 mm² without any changeover. This includes the processes of cutting to length, stripping, crimping as well as project-related labeling of the wires.

360° View of Wire Terminal

RAS also equips manufacturers with a variety of ergonomically designed hand tools, assembly tables, enclosure transport equipment, and enclosure modification and wire processing accessories. 

With a RAS solution, manufacturers not only experience custom panel and enclosure modifications, but they also achieve real-world value in the form of:

  • Increases in productivity through end-to-end automation and optimization
  • Reduction in machining or modification costs via reducing human error found in manual tasks
  • A more fully-automated industrial ecosystem that provides deeper, more profound insight into your holistic control manufacturing process

Where To Find  Enclosure Modification and Distribution Centers

Our Rittal Automation Systems solutions are also used across our nationwide network of modification centers. With facilities in Sparks, Nevada; Houston, Texas; and Urbana, Ohio, manufacturers can create panel and enclosure modifications with the same speed and accuracy even if they do not invest in an in-house RAS solution. Our modification centers also house warehouse and distribution centers to help source component parts and reduce the time it takes for your panel or enclosure to leave the production floor and arrive at your door.

Additionally, our network of regional distribution centers is designed to provide the panel or enclosure product or accessory faster than ever before. The combination of our modification and distribution centers can help you localize your supply chain for a more stable flow of the industrial automation solutions you need when you need them.

How to Enhance Your Industrial Enclosure and Wire Processing Solutions

Precision Machining with the Perforex Just Got Even Better

Form, fit, and function, the Perforex MT delivers fast and accurate hole-drilling, thread-tapping, and cut-outs in all machinable materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic.

What is Rittal Automation Systems?

RAS is a suite of solutions from fully automated machines to tools that eliminate the manual interventions of industrial panel modification and control panel assembly.

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