Industrial power distribution

Busbar Systems Allow for Compact Power Distribution in Enclosures and Control Cabinets

An approach to industrial power distribution that drives efficiency and reduces waste has emerged as an important consideration for manufacturers as the need for sustainable manufacturing continues to grow. In recent years, the global transition from traditional power distribution methods and updated regulatory standards have accelerated the need for modernized industrial power distribution solutions.

Busbar systems are becoming the predominant solution for manufacturers across nearly all global industries as a safer, more effective, and efficient method of powering control cabinets. While legacy power distribution systems come with a variety of liabilities and challenges, busbar systems alleviate these pain points in panel design, engineering, and operation through elevated customization and unique design capabilities.

The true value of Rittal’s industrial power distribution solutions is demonstrated in the ease, reliability, and safety our busbar systems provide across a wide range of applications like the automotive, food and beverage, and retail and logistics industries — for machine builders, panel builders, and systems integrators, Rittal busbar is compatible with EPLAN’s design suite to provide a completely digitalized engineering process for fast, error-free integration with our industrial panels and enclosures.  

RiLine Busbar and RiLine Compact Busbar allow for tool-free, plug-and-play capability for global use. With the ability to be installed in a series of simple steps, Rittal’s busbar systems support a wide range of applications. Rittal offers support systems and bars in conjunction with connection technology, component adaptors and fuse components – flexible units that meet customer requirements.

In addition, Rittal has options that meet and exceed required short circuit withstand current ratings, up to 65kA, with rated currents up to 1600 A. Standard components are UL Listed. Rittal is also the world’s first manufacturer to offer an approved busbar system with standard components optimized for both AC and DC applications for international use.

The RiLine and RiLine Compact busbar systems provide mission-critical all-around contact protection for a safer manufacturing environment on the production floor and prevent unnecessary downtime or disruption due to electrical fault or arcing. Our busbar solutions also provide enhanced safety via a full-contact hazard protection system.

Coupled with our robust line of RiLine busbar power distribution accessories, manufacturers working on a global scale across all industries can experience the game-changing nature of modern industrial power distribution.

The challenge for automation technology company Electro-Matic was to design and engineer an industrial power distribution panel for a major North American manufacturer that could be ordered using a single part number to help streamline the panel production process. The solution was a global partnership with Rittal and EPLAN that paved the way for a standardized, single part PDP, which resulted in dramatically reduced lead times and more seamless integration into the customer’s production cycles.

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The VX25 enclosure system and the Rittal VX25 Ri4Power switchgear system together form a complete solution for the assembly of type-tested low-voltage switchgear with internal form separation. VX25 Ri4Power is the perfect solution for applications up to 6300 A. Project planning is easy with the user-friendly Power Engineering software. Fast assembly with up to 50% time savings. The optimized arrangement of busbars translates into impressive copper savings.

How to Prevent Arc Flash

Arc flash risk is a concern where energized equipment over 50V is involved. Not following proper safety protocols or having the right equipment for the job can lead to potentially fatal injuries, which is why it's important that engineers and panel builders design the enclosure system with arc flash prevention and risk mitigation in mind.

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How to Enhance Your Industrial Enclosure and Wire Processing Solutions

Busbar Systems Power Industrial Enclosures

Traditional wiring relying on power distribution blocks that require loads of space to manipulate and route cables is a thing of the past and busbar power distribution is now the industry standard for all industrial enclosures.

Busbar - The next step

The next evolutionary step in refining control panel design is using busbar. Busbar provides engineers, integrators, and OEMs with similar benefits as IEC devices.