Tesvolt AG

Logistics company frees itself from the power grid

A growing number of shipping companies are becoming independent from the power grid, and with good reason – electricity prices are continuing to rise, while power cuts are very costly. Besides being a logical and climate-friendly solution, generating and storing their own power is also a cost-effective option. In terms of technical requirements, however, this calls for high-performance battery storage systems such as the ones offered by TESVOLT using Rittal VX25 enclosure technology.

Thanks to solar panels and an energy storage system, Spedition Lutter in Bönen is almost entirely energy self-sufficient. The company currently has twelve electric fork-lift trucks and four electric cranes. Charging them from the public power grid would be expensive, as it would result in peak current loads during the charging process. Energy suppliers would have to be prepared for these and would apply correspondingly high charges.

A photovoltaic system on the roof with a peak output of 80 kilowatts and a battery storage system with a 50-kilowatt-hour capacity covers nearly all of the company’s electricity needs. Moreover, the system, including battery storage, will have paid for itself within just eight years.

Battery storage provides independence

The forwarding agency installed a solar system facing east to west on its company building. In this way, the company receives as even a harvest of solar power as is possible throughout the day. The lithium power storage from Tesvolt, installed in a Rittal VX25 enclosure system, stores surplus solar energy from the roof and supplies the forwarding agent’s server and IT, as well as the truck workshop and two trucks; it also washes with clean power during the night and early morning.

Rittal adapted the enclosure perfectly to our needs and has been supplying us with very high-quality, robust storage system enclosures for many years.
Simon Schandert, Co-founder and CTO of Tesvolt