Climate Control

Air Conditioners/ Thermoelectric Coolers

With cooling units, the temperature inside the enclosure is kept at a constant level independent of the ambient temperature. The air flow meets individual requirements. Due to two separate circuits, no dust penetrates into the enclosure.

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Air Conditioners/ Thermoelectric Coolers

Wall extension cooling units

For external mounting or internal mounting in doors and walls using standardized mounting cut-outs. Integral electric condensate evaporation (from 0.3 kW). Cooling output 0.3 – 5.8 kW. From 0.3 kW, also available in energy-efficient Blue e+...

Air Conditioners/ Thermoelectric Coolers

Roof-Mounted Cooling Units

Doors, side panels and escape routes are kept clear due to the roof-mounted design. Electric condensate evaporation. Cooling output 0.55 – 4 kW. Output category 1.3 kW, also available in energy-efficient Blue e+ technology.

Air Conditioners/ Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric Cooler Cooling/heating output 273/273 BTU/h

The powerful, lightweight climate control units based on Peltier technology provide efficient cooling of command panels and small enclosures. Cooling/heating output 80/80 W.