Oct 24, 2023

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Introducing the VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R – Indoor/Outdoor Flexibility and Protection All-in-One

Rittal is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our ever-evolving product portfolio - the VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R enclosure. We understand the unique demands of your industrial environments, and the VX SE Floormount is here to meet them head-on. Designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial applications, such as machine tool, automotive, and material handling, this freestanding enclosure is perfect for panel builders, machine builders, and system integrators. Enhance both your operational efficiency and protection with the VX SE Floormount’s unique benefits.

VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R Features and Benefits at a Glance:

  • Minimal ordering and assembly work with solid side panels and roof
  • High protection category up to IP 55 and UL Type 12/3R
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial applications
  • Internally fastened rear walls and a solid base maintain a secure seal and protect against unauthorized entry
  • Accepts common VX SE and TS8 system accessories, with global compatibility for VX 25 system accessories
  • Full-width drip shield for added protection
  • Solid bottom plate with removable bottom plugs for easy accessory leg kit installation
  • Seven standard sizes to accommodate various floormount applications

Streamlined Assembly and Ordering:

The VX SE Floormount takes the hassle out of ordering and assembly thanks to its solid side panels and roof. Your ordering experience is simplified without complicated setup processes or unnecessary delays.

Exceptional Protection for Indoor and Outdoor:

Protection is paramount in your industry, and the VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R delivers on that front. With a high protection category of up to IP 55 and UL Type 12/3R, you can trust that your valuable equipment will stay safeguarded in challenging environments both indoor and outdoor.

Troy Misse, Product Manager of Enclosures & Wallmounts at Rittal, states:

“Because of our UL Type 12/3R rating and the flexibility of the product, the VX SE Floormount can be easily applied for both indoor and outdoor use. This enclosure provides our customers with confidence that their control system is secure and properly protected from the elements.”

Reinforced Security:

We take unauthorized entry seriously. Our internally fastened rear walls and solid base are designed to provide a secure seal, ensuring your valuable assets always remain protected and your peace of mind is maintained.

Convenient Accessory Compatibility:

The VX SE Floormount is engineered to seamlessly integrate with common VX SE and TS8 system accessories. This extensive compatibility allows you to easily personalize and optimize your enclosure to meet your unique requirements. What's more, for our global customers, the VX SE Floormount also accepts VX 25 system accessories, making it a versatile choice for a worldwide audience.

Troy Misse continues:

“This product launch will provide our customers with a high quality floormount enclosure that fully incorporates “Rittal the System” by allowing them to utilize the full breadth of internal and external system accessories.”

Added Drip Protection:

Equipped with a full-width drip shield, the VX SE Floormount leaves no room for compromise and safeguards your equipment from potential liquid hazards.

Easy Installation:

Installation with the VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R is a breeze. The solid bottom plate, complete with removable bottom plugs, makes the installation of accessory leg kits a quick and simple process.

Tailored to Fit:

With seven standard sizes available, the VX SE Floormount is ready to accommodate a wide range of indoor and outdoor floormount applications. Whether you're working in industrial or commercial settings, this enclosure is built to meet your requirements with precision while providing protection that lasts.

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When you choose the VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R from Rittal, you're choosing a partner in success. We're dedicated to providing you with the solutions necessary to thrive in your industry, and the VX SE Floormount NEMA 12/3R is a testament to that commitment.