H&W Control GmbH

Leading with hydropower

In Austria, 2,800 small hydroelectric power plants currently feed electrical power into the public supply grid. To perform this task, functioning electrotechnical equipment is also needed. H&W Control GmbH has been supplying this equipment for the past three years. “In cooperation with the turbine manufacturers, we deliver a large amount abroad and have an export share of around 75%,” said Rainer Huber and Christian Wieland, Managing Directors of the company.

Rittal supports switchgear manufacturers in planning and implementing enclosures – and we gladly take them up on their offer.
Rainer Huber, Managing Director, H&W Control GmbH

European quality counts

A plant on Panama’s highest mountain, the Volcán Barú, went on line in November 2015. In South America, the reputation of European equipment is very high, as is confidence in its standards. H&W Control therefore put its trust in the German quality of Rittal’s enclosures. Five fields — three for energy management with the RiLine 1600 A busbar system and two fields for the controlling the plant — were delivered to Panama.

Rapid system configuration

“At Ennstal, the task was to overhaul the electrical equipment of the small hydroelectric power plant, which had been in existence since the 1980s,” says Christian Wieland, one of the managing directors of H&W Control GmbH, describing a local project. H&W Control used the new Rittal 185-mm busbar system to keep the power plant’s downtime to a minimum. Rainer Huber, another of H&W Control’s managing directors, particularly appreciates its compact design and its big advantage over the competition in terms of space and cost.