Sustainability that works

Minimizing CO₂ emissions – the Blue e+ way

We deliver the world's most efficient climate control solutions and smart service concepts to help reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems. On average, a Blue e+ cooling unit saves 1 ton of carbon per year, equivalent to the amount absorbed by a beech tree over 80 years. The Blue e+ series of products has a solution for every application and requirement.

Game-changing technology

Sustainability at every level

This unique hybrid technology boasts average energy savings of 75% over conventional systems. By significantly reducing your carbon footprint, you are one step closer to becoming climate-neutral. With a longer service life for installed components, global usability, and digital service offerings, it helps ensure sustainability at every level.

Blue e+ for maximum efficiency

How do we define efficiency? Less is more. Blue e+ cooling units are designed to minimize costs and protect the environment.

Revolutionary energy efficiency with innovative hybrid technology.

  • Two parallel cooling circuits operating independently or in tandem, depending on the temperature difference.
  • Passive climate control: Heat pipe cooling circuit (dissipates heat from the enclosure as soon as the ambient temperature drops below the setpoint).
  • Active climate control: Compressor cooling circuit with speed-controlled components for targeted cooling.

Inverter control provides a constant temperature inside the enclosure to help ensure the service life of the components.

This technology has been proven to achieve average energy savings of 75%.

One for all

Rittal has a Blue e+ solution for every application, location, and output range.

Unique multi-voltage capability for maximum flexibility

0.3 kW & 0.5 kW 110-240 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz
1 kW 110-240 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz
380-480 V, 2~, 50/60 Hz
1.3 kW  2.6 kW 110-240 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz
380-480 V, 3~, 50/60 Hz
3.8 kW 5.8 kW 380-480 V, 3~, 50/60 Hz
  • Global usability with country-specific licences and data
  • Flexible use across a broad temperature range from -4° F to 140° F (-30° F to 140° F for outdoor cooling units)
  • Visualize operating states and system/alarm messages with the Smart Service Portal*

Reliability means sustainability

Reliability is key when it comes to plant operation. Blue e+ cooling units offer maximum reliability, reduced maintenance, and rapid usability.

  • The high protection category of IP 55 / IP 56 for outdoor cooling units provides added peace of mind
  • More reliable, with integral condensate evaporation as standard from 0.3 kW
  • Faster, thanks to short delivery times and dependable worldwide availability of products and spares. Projects are supported by a vast network of global distribution and modification centers that include five locations across the U.S.A for local support.
  • More efficient servicing at a reduced cost, due to predictive maintenance

Blue e+ is designed to make your work as easy as possible

Focus on what's truly important – with effortless planning, operation and assembly

  • Planning is a breeze, due to uniform square mounting cut-outs for all installation types (external mounting, partial internal mounting (from 1.6 kW) and full internal mounting)
  • Easy access for servicing, maintenance, and replacement of components helps to minimize maintenance work.
  • Smart Service concept for more targeted maintenance and easier troubleshooting*.
  • Smart interfaces for ease of operation: Near Field Communication (NFC) interface for the Scan & Service app, USB connection for software updates and services, display (up to 1 kW) or touch display (from 1.6 kW), IoT interface for remote monitoring

Our climate control solutions – At home in every industry

Discover the perfect solution for your industry application. The individual challenges faced by different industries produce varying requirements. Our extensive portfolio has a cooling unit tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

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NEW: Now even more sustainable and even more efficient: Blue e+ S

The new Blue e+ S cooling units in output categories .3 - 1 kW are an inspiration. A brand new design, extended smart functions and even faster processes with the Rittal Smart Service concept* will help you achieve your goal of climate neutrality and also cut costs.

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Product gallery

Our cooling units in low output categories with tried-and-trusted Blue e+ technology are the most energy-efficient in the world and can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems. What's more, our new refrigerant has slashed the Global Warming Potential by 56%. Blue e+ S is now available in a brand new design with a host of smart functions, such as a direct link to the Smart Service Portal*. Our conversion tool is on hand to assist you!

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Innovative hybrid technology creates a world-beating carbon footprint, with average energy savings of 75% due to speed-controlled components and heat pipe technology. Unique multi-voltage capability for worldwide use. Intuitive operation via touch display. Identical mounting cut-out (external mounting, partial internal mounting, or full internal mounting) for four output categories (1.6 kW – 5.8 kW).

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Energy-efficient, carbon-cutting wall-mounted cooling units. The Blue e+ chemical version is available in output categories from 1.6 kW to 5.8 kW. A special component coating provides optimum protection in contaminated environments – ideal for applications where sulphuric acid may be present in aerosol form.

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Energy-efficient, sustainable wall-mounted Blue e+ outdoor cooling units in output categories from 1.5 kW to 5 kW. The high protection category of IP 56 / UL type 12/3R/4 and a temperature range of -22° F to 140° F provides optimum protection in challenging environments. The cooling unit can be mounted in three different ways (external mounting, partial internal mounting, and full internal mounting), for example on Toptec project solutions.

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Sustainable, flexible, and compact: Rittal Blue e+ chillers provide central, cost-effective chilling of cooling water to supply air/water heat exchangers etc. Up to 70% energy savings are achievable thanks to speed-controlled components and inverter technology. International approvals and multi-voltage capability make them suitable for worldwide use. Intuitive operation via touch display and smart communication interfaces ensure user-friendly operation and analysis.

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Go digital for optimum sustainability

Digital benefits for a smaller carbon footprint

Add value by thinking holistically – Blue e+ S cooling units help your processes to run even more smoothly with smart apps & services*.

Automated, real-time checking of Blue e+ cooling units for fast, efficient troubleshooting:

  • Enhanced machine availability
  • Targeted maintenance means improved service efficiency and lower servicing costs
  • Fast problem analysis and troubleshooting with remote diagnosis

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Connect your smartphone to the cooling unit via NFC to transmit device data and parameters or scan the QR code to see all relevant product information at a glance:

  • Faster parametrization and commissioning of your cooling units
  • Time-efficient working with Fast-Copy (copy settings 1:1 to other cooling units)
  • Generate and send service messages
  • Generate and send wish lists of accessories and spares
  • See all product information at a glance
  • Manage scanned products

The IoT interface is a central component for smart networking of Rittal cooling solutions or sensors used to monitor ambient conditions. Equipped with a wide range of interfaces and protocols, it collates and transmits data to superordinate IT systems or systems for the local monitoring of machine statuses.

  • More efficient, by ensuring the optimum integration of cooling units, Blue e+ chillers and sensors into Industry 4.0 applications
  • Faster, thanks to seamless communication from the sensor to the cloud
  • More reliable, by linking to superordinate monitoring or energy management systems

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