Jan 26, 2024

New AX Ex non-metallic enclosures announced

Protecting People and Technology from Possible Explosions and Fires

Rittal’s new AX Ex non-metallic enclosures (used in refineries, drilling platforms, oil tankers, pipelines and infrastructure applications revolving around LNG, hydrogen) offer the highest certified safety requirements, including ATEX, IECEx and UL HazLoc approvals.  In areas at risk of explosion, enclosure systems must meet the highest safety requirements. Thanks to their high level of robustness, outdoor capability, and wide range of expansion options, both plant operators and constructors gain a massive amount of added value.

Rittal’s new AX Ex non-metallic empty enclosures are manufactured with fiberglass reinforced polyester and replace the previous KS-based enclosures. They are approved for use cases in potentially explosive atmospheres caused by gases (zones 1 and 2) or dust (zones 21 and 22). The result is enclosure technology that fulfils all the preconditions for maximum safety, including outdoor applications. Tightness is ensured by a secure design with double sealing at the top and bottom edges of the door via an integrated rain protection strip made of robust material resistant to temperature and UV emissions.

Simplified interior installation on the new Ex enclosure offers far more mounting options:

  1. Numerous ways to mount system accessories such as punched sections, bars, and rails to be screwed to the inside of the enclosure quickly and directly.
  2. Door-operated switches and door stays can be directly attached to the mounting provisions.
  3. DIN rails in the enclosure can be screwed directly onto the existing mounting provisions. The mounting panel can be easily screwed from the front using the pre-assembled bolts and even be grounded later via the existing machined keyhole. Wall mounting is easily implemented via the external threaded inserts while retaining UL certification and the protection class.

The new AX Ex non-metallic enclosures come in eight versions ranging from 200mm to 800mm wide, 300mm to 1,000mm high and 150mm to 300mm deep. Rittal’s product range will also include Ex enclosures made of stainless steel coming soon.

For more information, contact us via at email: rittal@rittal.us or by phone: 800-477-4000.

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