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Bedford Youth Lacrosse Custom Apparel - Limited time offer!
BYL April Practice Schedule
Due to wet field conditions BYL will follow the following April...
BYL Lacrosse Skill Clinic Schedule (Last week of indoor Lax)
Bedford Youth Lacrosse Winter skill clinics start February 23,...
Lacrosse Equipment Exchange tab
BYL Members, Please note the lacrosse equipment exchange tab on...
Bedford Youth Lacrosse 2015 Registration Open
BYL Parents & Players,   Welcome to the 2015 Lacrosse...
Cascade R & Warrior Regulator Helmet issue
BYL Members,   There are two popular boys lacrosse helmets...
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by posted 03/23/2015
BYL April Practice Schedule

Due to wet field conditions BYL will follow the following April practice schedule until the grass fields are released by the town:

BHS turf  = Bedford High School football stadium

The Edge  = 191 Hartwell Rd, Bedford Ma


Date                            Time                Team                           Location


3/31    Tuesday           6-730               Boys U13/15               BHS turf

4/1      Wednesday      6-730               Girls (all)                    BHS turf

4/2      Thursday         4-5 pm             Boys U9/U11              The Edge       Upper

4/3      Friday              4-5 pm             Boys U13/U15            The Edge       Upper

4/3      Friday              5-6 pm             Girls (all)                    The Edge        Upper

4/6      Monday           4-5 pm             Boys U9/U11              The Edge        Lower

4/7      Tuesday           6-730               Boys U13/U15            BHS turf

4/8      Wednesday      6-730               Girls (all)                     BHS turf

4/9      Thursday         4-5 pm             Boys U13/U15             The Edge        Lower

4/10    Friday              4-5 pm             Girls (all)                     The Edge        Lower

4/13    Monday           4-5 pm             Girls  (all)                    The Edge        Lower

4/14    Tuesday           6-730               Boys U13/U15             BHS turf

4/15    Wednesday      6-730 pm         Girls (all)                     BHS turf

4/15    Wednesday      4-5 pm             Boys U9/U11              The Edge         Lower

by posted 03/20/2015
BYL Lacrosse Skill Clinic Schedule (Last week of indoor Lax)
Bedford Youth Lacrosse Winter skill clinics start February 23, 2015 and continue thru March 28, 2015. The skill clinics will be held at The Edge turf dome twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings
(Boys U9 & Girls U9/U11, Saturdays).
The skill clinics are offered to all registered Bedford Youth Lacrosse players. The Edge NESLL coaches will be running the clinics. Parents, please arrive early to pick up your player prior to the clinic end time.
This is the last week of indoor skill clinics. All BYL players are encouraged to attend.
U9                          8 - 10 AM             Saturday            March 28
U11 & U13            6 - 7 PM               Mon & Wed      March  23 & 25
U15                        7 - 8 PM               Mon & Wed      March 23 & 25
U11 & U9             8 - 10 AM             Saturday          March 28
U13                       6 - 7 PM              Mon & Wed      March 23 & 25
U15                       7 - 8 PM              Mon & Wed      March 23 & 25

by posted 02/04/2015
Lacrosse Equipment Exchange tab

BYL Members,

Please note the lacrosse equipment exchange tab on the left hand margin. This is a great forum to purchase used lacrosse equipment for your growing child. The website is easy to use. Help families keep the cost of equipment down and at the same time clean out that basement full of out grown lacrosse equipment. Please only use this forum for lacrosse related items.

by posted 01/17/2015
Bedford Youth Lacrosse 2015 Registration Open

BYL Parents & Players,

Welcome to the 2015 Lacrosse season. Bedford Youth Lacrosse registration is opened. Please register early so we can properly plan the season. To begin the registration process click the Register Online tab located on the left hand margin of the home page.
The youth lacrosse regular season will start April 1, 2015 and concludes in early June 2015. All games are played on Sundays with the schedule game times TBD.
Regular outdoor practice will start the week of March 30, 2015
Due to field conditions April practice schedule TBA
Normal Practice Schedule:
Boys U11, U13 & U15* practice Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Boys U9 practice Monday & Wednesday 6:00- 7:30 PM.
Girls U9, U11, U13 & U15* practice Monday & Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30
* U15's will be scheduled for later practice (7:30-9:00 PM) for turf availability.
For the 2015 Lacrosse season BYL will once again be offering the winter skill and drill clinics at The Edge. The clinics will start February 23rd  thru March 28, 2015. The skill and drill clinics are available to all registered BYL players at no additional charge.

New this year Bedford Youth Lacrosse will be introducing a newly designed Girls lacrosse game uniform. The uniform consists of a reversible pinnie, matching shorts and socks. Girl lacrosse players who participated last year can use the pinnie they were issued last year. All new Girls lacrosse players or players who have out grown or lost their pinnie will be required to purchase a new pinnie through the online registration tab. The cost of the uniform shorts and socks is included in the Girls registration fee. After the initial purchase returning players will not be required to purchase a new uniform in the years that follow.
For the Boys lacrosse program uniforms purchased last year can be worn again this year. If your son is new to the program or has lost or out grown his uniform, a replacement can ordered from online registration tab.

Thank you,
Bedford Youth Lacrosse

by posted 11/02/2014
Cascade R & Warrior Regulator Helmet issue
BYL Members,
There are two popular boys lacrosse helmets that have been de-certified by NOCSAE. The Warrior Regulator and the Cascade R cannot be used in MBYLL competition unless they are re-certified. There is a factory fix for the Cascade R copied below. The Warrior Regulator does not have a fix and will not be legal for use.
Cascade Reaches Agreement with NOCSAE for R Helmet

Cascade Reaches Agreement with NOCSAE for R Helmet

from Staff Reports | Twitter

Cascade announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Eqiupment, on a solution for the decertified Cascade R helmet.

The solution will involve a simple modification to Cascade R helmets currently in the marketplace. NOCSAE has accepted the solution. Cascade's data confirms the helmet, as modified by this solution, meets NOCSAE certification standards. For NOCSAE certification purposes, the modified helmet is treated as a new model, identified as the Cascade R-M, although it will continue to be marketed by Cascade under the Cascade R name.

Moving forward all newly manufactured Cascade R-M helmets will be certified as meeting the NOCSAE standards. A tamper-resistant sticker will be placed on all modified helmets as well as on newly manufactured Cascade R-M helmets to differentiate them from non-certified Cascade R models. Model R helmets that have not been ofifcially modified by Cascade do not meet NOCSAE standards and certification will remain void.

Cascade will make the modification to existing helmets at its Liverpool, N.Y. facility beginning December 16, 2014. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

"We are extremely pleased that Cascade and NOCSAE have reached an agreement to modify existing Cascade R helmets and put helmets back in play for our loyal customers," said Tim Ellsworth, Global Business Director, Cascade Lacrosse. "We have been working closely with NOCSAE and will work diligently to ensure that all Cascade R helmets returned are modified as quickly as possible. We thank everyone for their patience and support."

To fully reinstate the NOCSAE license, which was suspended in conjunction with the R model decertification, Cascade is cooperating with a review by NOCSAE of certification data for all of its models, and is having a third-party audit of Cascade's quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) processes.

Cascade is currently finalizing its own internal audit and expects the third-party QA/QC audit to be completed byDecember 18, 2014. NOCSAE will partially reinstate Cascade's license agreement for the production of new Cascade R-M helmets upon demonstratiion of satisfactory audit results fr its QA/QC processes. The license agreement will be fully restored for other Cascade models upon demonstrating that such models certified by Cascade are supported by necessary data.

Cascade is also currently reviewing test results for all of its lacrosse helmets to ensure they meet both Cascade and NOCSAE standards.

Check out our story from last Friday on the background of the situation. NOCSAE announced Nov. 24 that the Cascade R and Warrior Regulator didn't meet NOCSAE standards. For more information from Cascade on completing the process, click here.


Instructions To Return a Cascade R Helmet For Certified Modification

To return a helmet for certified modification, consumers can begin the return process by providing information at this site beginning on December 13 at 9 a.m. Upon receipt of this information, Cascade will send a pre-paid shipping label to you. Once you receive the label, put your Cascade R helmet in a box, affix the shipping label and send the helmet to Cascade. When the helmet arrives at Cascade’s facility, it will be professionally updated with the certified modification and a tamper-resistant sticker will be applied to the helmet to prove it has completed the certified modification. The helmet will then be sent back to you.

Cascade will make the modification to existing helmets at its Liverpool, N.Y. facility beginning December 16. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

Please Return After 9 a.m. on December 13 to Begin The Return Process


Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will there be a cost for the modification?
No. There will be no cost to consumers or teams. Cascade will pay for the modification of the helmet and for shipping.

2) How long will the modification process take?
Although it will depend on volume, we expect that, from the time that Cascade receives the helmet from the consumer, it will take Cascade approximately two weeks to complete the certified modification and ship the helmet back to the consumer. This is a very busy shipping time for carriers and there may be delays that are out of our control. We are working closely with our shipping partners to reduce delays and get these helmets back to players as soon as possible.

3) I have a CPX-R, CPV-R or CS-R helmet, is that an R model? How do I know if I have an R model?
No. The CPX-R, CPV-R and CS-R are different models than the Cascade R. If you are unsure of your model, look on the right side (near the strap snap) of the helmet and if you notice a lone, singular ‘R,’ then it is an R model helmet.



During a conference call yesterday some of the reps at Warrior confirmed that they have begun production of a new helmet, called the “Regulator II.” They informed us that this new helmet has been confirmed by NOCSAE as meeting its standard, although NOCSAE has not yet announced this information publically.

In the meantime, the original Regulator helmet remains de-certified and is NOT legal for play.

by posted 09/01/2014
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